Aqua Nirvana

“Ah.. a nice hot bath and some decent packaging. Life doesn’t get better than this.” Most bath salt packaging is about as generic as well... bath salt. Creating memorable and appealing packaging for Aqua Nirvana was a joy.


A modular typeface designed under the watchful eyes of House Industries type-designers Ken Barber and Ben Keil. I love those guys!

CKMY Buddys

More modular fun. Why stop when you have a good thing going?

University of Oregon Alumni Center

It was an honor and a privilege to be the Design Director at Second Story Studios working with an ensemble of talented individuals to bring the Interpretive area of the Alumni Center to life. This project was given the 2012 IxDA "Engaging Category" Award

Akashi Akido Mark

Kids practicing kicks and punches need a sweet logo if they are going to be their best. Wax On! Wax Off!

Deus Machina Mark

One day this logo will find a loving home in the hearts of nerds all over the world. Trust me.

One of One Mark

Just think of how many trees we could save if we didn't print that one extra page.

Finding Harry

When I began my MFA in Graphic Design at MICA I never imagined the amazing journey, life long friendships, and unforgettable experiences I would enjoy. From developing a new design research methodology, to winning the inaugural "Best Graphic Design Thesis" award, there was always challenging work and joy to be found in doing it well.

American Crafts Premium Ribbon

Michael Bierut once counseled designers not to ignore the obvious. For years other companies had been selling ribbon wrapped on flat cards which meant you had to iron your ribbon prior to using it. Spools and a nice box. Just call me Captain Obvious.


Never pass up an opportunity to work under the tutelage of Abbot Miller. This piece was created in a four week class in Abbot's care.


In a world of burning chrome logos the gents from ChAIR Entertainment had a name that stood out in the industry and I gave them a mark to match.


The 16:9 ratio cards reinforce ChAIR's brand.


American Crafts' identity was based on their reputation for high quality scrapbook products with a flair for great color choice and execution.


Science Fiction writers deserve good design too!


The strategy, communications, and design I did for Novell.com resulted in an increase of demand generation by an astronomical 400% from the previous year.


I conceptualized, architected, art directed, and designed this little beauty. Then the talented Mr. Richard Wolfenstien—and the boys from Candesa Interactive—did all the hard work by putting this whole site together, refining my original concepts, and adding some original flair as well.